NICS Checks
Have returned to
"Instant" again.
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Jersey Legal Mods
Muzzle Brakes pinned
and welded.

Bayonet Lugs Milled

Collapsable Stocks
  Looking for one of the best gun shops in NJ - Mastodon Ammo and Camo is located in the Highland Lakes section of Vernon, New Jersey, just 4.5 miles from Cherry Ridge Range (ANJRPC). We are a Disabled Vietnam Veteran /mastodon005003 Retired LEO owned company and invite everyone to stop in for a cup of coffee and to check out the shop whenever you are in the area.
Delivery time on most new guns is usually 4 to 5 business days from the time of your paid in full invoice. For price quotes, please provide us with the Manufacturers Item Number of the firearm you are interested in purchasing. This will ensure that you get the exact item you are looking to purchase and it will speed up the quote process as well.
Firearm repairs are done on premise. We offer a maintenance program that consists of a deep cleaning and lubricating process, using our Crest Ultrasonic Cleaning and Lubricating System. During this process, the firearm is dismantled beyond your basic field stripping and placed into the system. Prior to reassembly, each part is inspected and lightly coated with silicone, causing the firearm to operate as smooth as glass.
For our fishing customers, our shop is conveniently located within five minutes of many great fishing lakes, including Wawayonda State Park. We offer artificial baits known to do well in the surrounding area waters. We also carry Live Shiners, Fatheads, Night Crawlers and Meal Worms.